Christmas Spoons

(A Feelgood Christmas Novella, Historical Fiction)

Louise has been passed from one relative to another for years. Now, World War II has ended, she’s ready to graduate high school and wants to escape to Salt Lake City, Utah on her own. That is, until she meets Danny who has just returned from World War II.

Danny longed for two years to return to his small home town. Now that he’s home, nothing feels the same. He finds himself wishing for more out of life than working his family’s farm and turning his money over to his parents.

When friends decide to elope to Las Vegas, Danny and Louise find themselves along for the ride. With very few possessions, little money and limited jobs after the war, the two struggle to build a future with only their love, friends, optimism and faith.

A Clean Romance

(A Sweet Romance Short Story)

Kara Bissell loves vacuuming, dusting, washing, and polishing. No, honestly. But most universities don’t offer a degree in Domestic Engineering, so Kara plans on figuring out a major later. For now, she needs a summer job to help pay tuition. Going door-to-door selling cleaning products wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but it will have to do.

She ends up knocking on Benjamin Bernini’s door, a talented sculptor. When his grungy English Sheepdog barrels out the door and knocks her down, and Ben assumes she’s the cleaning lady he hired instead of a wrecking crew the place actually needs, Kara isn’t certain what to do. Will his incredibly dirty house lead to love?

Risky Seeds, Risky Hearts

(A Western Sweet Romantic Suspense Novella)

Sadie Jean Dixon loves her new laid-back lifestyle working for the USDA Forest Service in Utah. That is, until someone sets a haystack on fire and sends the fire burning up the canyon toward her.

Colton Masterson has given up the ranch lifestyle for a college degree in Accounting. When his little brother breaks his arm and can’t help their crippled pa manage the ranch, Colton comes back to town to lend a hand. He takes on a part-time job at Samson Seed Company handling their taxes but soon learns the books aren’t in order. Unfortunately, the company is owned by his father’s best friend.

When Colton’s pa is accused of setting the fire and thrown in jail, Sadie and Colton must take risks in order to find out the truth, which not only includes their safety but matters of the heart.

Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts

(A Western Sweet Romantic Suspense Novella)

 Ambitious former rodeo queen Harlee Jo Holiday must fix Oak Whitlock’s broken heart if she’s ever going to get him to help rescue her stolen horses. The only trouble is even Oak’s dog and horse can’t stand to be around him. 
Brooding Oak Whitlock can’t get his life on track. That is, until Harlee Jo comes riding in with her hopes and dreams. Between her and her stolen horses, will Oak learn you have to climb right back in the saddle?