Caskets and Corruption - Fun, Exciting, Suspenseful

Post date: Feb 3, 2012 7:10:28 PM

This is a fun, exciting, suspenseful story that starts out and just keeps gaining momentum as you go. Each of the characters in the story has a well developed, distinct personality; and I felt as if I knew them all by the end—even the pet “dog”.

The underlying stories that make the primary characters seem to be so distant and solitary are also developed well. Information is inserted in a timely fashion to keep the interest up and the personal interaction progressing.

The probability of anyone, under any circumstances, encountering so many and varied obstacles in such a short time keeps the story awash with a wide variety of interesting solutions. Anyone needing to travel anywhere with virtually no resources should probably read this book to pick up some ideas for survival.

The environments and facts presented are accurate to the best of my understanding and indicate a level of research to keep the credibility there.

I enjoyed reading this interesting story and recommend it to any reader as one that could provide a tear or two, some smiles and laughs, as well as some cause for thoughtful pondering.

~Gary F