Hazardous Hideaway: Well-Crafted Tale

Post date: Feb 4, 2012 12:19:15 AM

Hazardous Hideaway is an intricate, multilayered mystery crossed with a love story. Ms. Christiansen has shown us the true love; one that is enduring through both joy and pain.

No one knows who killed a man three years ago or why the death still impacts the dairy farm. Pure accident places Dallas and her horse in the middle of this mystery as she flees an abusive husband.

She didn’t expect to find love in the gruff manager of the farm, yet the attraction cannot be denied.

The author uses terms that endear the characters to the reader. She makes you a part of the story and the folks that populate it.

This book is a quick read because you find yourself eager to know what happens next. A well crafted tale that will leave you feeling uplifted. I highly recommend it.

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