Love on Laird Avenue: Finest Comedy in a Long Time

Post date: Feb 3, 2012 7:43:38 PM


This is one of the finest comedies I’ve read in a long while. The wit flows naturally from the characters. And though this book is written with a whimsical voice, the social message is nonetheless poignant to the times. I highly recommend it. This is definitely a keeper.


Tatum Stewart struggles against her rich domineering father to prove her own self-worth in a profession not dear to her heart. In her heart she yearns to be a painter, although her father convinces her she has no natural talent. In her determination to make him proud of her, she buys a 1911 bungalow in which to begin her own computer business.

Ryan Bulldarren, the renovation specialist, the well-built handyman, the Adonis, she hires to reconstruct her recently purchased dream house, cum nightmare, drives her to distraction. She realizes he is a gifted man at what he does… except in the eyes of his overly criticizing older brother.

While his brother recovers in the hospital from a skiing accident, Ryan is left to run the restoration business of older homes on his own. He has his talents, but paper work is not on the list. He struggles to make a viable bid on Tatum’s proposed work. His biggest problem is that he can’t think straight when confronted by his new, sexy employer.

To top off their independent struggles to succeed, is a mysterious someone trying to locate a treasure hidden in the basement of the one-time Prohibition bootlegger. This suspenseful seamlessly crafted book is a delightful read. I know you’ll love it.

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JoEllen Conger