Love on Laird Avenue: Keeps You Hooked

Post date: Feb 3, 2012 7:39:24 PM

Love on Laird Avenue is a romantic comedy that is a great piece of work by the up and coming author Cindy A. Christiansen. Love on Laird Avenue follows two characters, Tatum Stewart and Ryan Bulldarren, through a comedic and increasingly romantic chain of events that circulates around what appears on the surface to be simply a series of household repairs and these two people trying to escape the oppressive influences of family members with quite a bit of comedy and some potential romance but beneath this is actually a series of events that threatens Tatum’s safety as a gangster tries to direct and control them so that he can claim what he feels is his rightful inheritance of prohibition period riches hidden by his mob boss grandfather in the basement of Tatum’s rustic home. Ryan turns out to be more than a talented repair man; he becomes Tatum’s only source of hope and protection as events unravel around her. The characters are almost instantly at each others throats in frustration, passion, and eventually love in what is a well written and fun story.

Overall this story has a good basis for its comedic nature and for me just the right amount of romantic/love interactions (for some this may not be enough). The story has the right amount of complexity to be funny and interesting, and the characters are continually changing, humorous, and fun to follow to see what will happen next. Also great is that the book isn’t really predictable and keeps you hooked with each new twist and turn.

This is a great book, and worth the read if you enjoy the romantic comedy genre.

Christopher A. Williams

The Book Reviewers