Love on Laird Avenue: A Comedic Tale

Post date: Feb 3, 2012 8:13:42 PM

In Love on Laird Avenue, author Cindy Christiansen delivers a story full of romance, humor, and even a little bit of mystery and danger. Tatum Stewart, the sheltered college graduate daughter of a very wealthy man, is desperate to gain independence. So desperate, in fact, that she jumps into a real estate deal before having her old ‘tumble-down’ bungalow fully inspected. Believing new electrical outlets is one of few needs she has, Tatum hires Ryan Bulldarren for the job.

Drop-dead gorgeous Ryan Bulldarren, of Bulldarren Construction, takes one look at Tatum Stewart and gets tongue-tied and flustered and leaves the house, agreeing to do the work without inspecting the house to see what needs to be done.

A comedic tale of romance and mystery follows, as Ryan works to complete the renovations on Tatum’s house and a couple of incompetent thugs try to break into her house and steal a treasure buried in the basement from Prohibition times.

~Therese Kinkaide

Author of Luther’s Cross