Time Will Tell

"The characters are endearing, the plot is sound, and there's that something extra..." 5/5 Stars ~D. Stevenson

Time W

ill TellContemporary Sweet Romantic Suspense

9/3/2013 ISBN: 9781618858580

ASIN: B00F2TEX1Q (Kindle)

Being paranoid, Holly Waterbury just can’t handle all the suspicious behavior centered on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City. Being volunteered to help her hoarding Uncle Kipp recover after a fall and finding out he has a dog is not helping to calm her excitable nature either. But it’s really the good-looking, take-charge homeless man her uncle hired to help clean up his clock shop that has Holly baffled. Just why are his teeth so white? Throw in a not-so-valuable clock everyone is willing to kill for and Holly’s imagination runs wild. Only time will tell just how long it takes before Holly will figure out the mysteries of Merchant Street, including the sexy homeless man.


Author's Note:

I credit author Heather Horrocks for suggesting I write a series. The mystery part of this story came about from several news stories. The setting of a clock shop came from my love of antique clocks and restoring them.