Legacy of Lies

You’ll never guess who told the truth about the past and who lied! Incredible!

When Katelynn returns to her old hometown in a small mining community to see her estranged father, she soon finds out the past is not what she believed it to be. But, whose rendition is the truth: her aunt’s, her old boyfriend’s, his mother’s, or maybe her own mother’s? Katelynn can’t help herself. She has to find out.

Trying to unearth the truth might cost Katelynn her life in the book—Legacy of Lies!

Story-line: Insecure Katelynn Dobbs swore she would never go back to the small mining town of Comstock, Utah, where she grew up. On receiving a letter from her estranged father, she returns to find him long dead. So, who sent the letter? Bad memories and a bad day lead to her running into her old sweetheart, Walt Jeffries…with her car. Can things get any worse?

Decisive Walt Jeffries wants to bring new business to his dying town when Kate shows up. She’s definitely trying to unearth the past. Is she here to strike it rich and destroy his plans? He finds himself between a rock and a hard place concerning his feeling for her and his duty to the town.

The townsfolk believe they’ve hit the motherlode with a new business contract. How far will they go to keep Katelynn from caving in their deal? Can Katelynn and Walt rescue Walt’s Rottweiler, learn their real legacies, and still excavate their love?

Review: What a great story! Great, easy to read book. Very clean and interesting with a great dog character as usual. Loved it! – 5 Stars

Ebook $2.99 Paperback $9.99

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