Love on Laird Avenue

What’s buried in the basement is gonna surprise you!

Tatum bought a 1911 bungalow in Sugar House, Utah, only to discover a gangster lived there during the prohibition. When her house repeatedly gets broken into, it doesn’t take long to realize there must be something valuable buried in the basement.

You’ll be shocked when you find out what’s buried within the pages of Love on Laird Avenue!

Story-line: Overprotected Tatum Stewart ventures out on her own, buying a historical home in Sugar House, Utah, and starting her own business. She has no idea everything will fall apart, literally.

Anxiety-addled Ryan Bulldarren isn’t ready for running the home restoration business without his injured brother, especially when it comes to bidding a job for a beautiful woman. Ryan comes to Tatum’s rescue more than once when thugs break into her home, but is she prepared for his protection when she starts dating? Oh, and did he really buy her a Bullmastiff puppy for protection?

Can these two construct a loving relationship while digging up what’s really going on in the basement on Laird Avenue?

Review: This is a charming story that took me on a wild ride of laughs with a lovable guard dog thrown in. Hope everyone takes the time to read this well written tale of love and compassion. – 5 Stars

Ebook $2.99 Paperback $9.99

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