Cindy A. Christiansen has around thirty health issues that affect her physically and cognitively. She and her husband are also raising two children on the autism spectrum who have co-morbid conditions. With these additional responsibilities and challenges, she struggles with all that is required to be a writer. However, she believes one should never give up their dreams. She enjoys sharing her writing journey with others and going where only her characters can take her.

Cindy loves dogs and always includes them in her books and features them on her covers. She believes it is our responsibility to take care of the pet population by spaying and neutering. She also believes in stiffer penalties for those who abuse animals and believes unnecessary testing on animals should be stopped. She donates both time and money to organizations that help abused and abandoned dogs.

Although Cindy is an LDS Christian author, she finds writing about a character's relationship with God as private as she does bedroom scenes. She chooses to let the morals of her characters speak for them through their actions, words and thoughts.