Cindy A Christiansen

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What you will find in her books:

  • A clean read with no bedroom scenes or offensive language.

  • A tantalizing, fast-paced plot.

  • Down-to-earth heroes and heroines.

  • A rollercoaster ride of emotions.

  • A special dog to steal your heart.

  • A few added facts.

  • A good message.

  • A happily-ever-after ending.

Meet Cindy

Bestselling author, Cindy A Christiansen, has combined her love of dogs with her joy of writing to create an award-winning combination. Her novels always include canine characters both in the pages and on the cover, an extension of the credit she gives to her extraordinary rescue dogs for their part in helping her overcome numerous challenges. In a reciprocal gesture for their love and devotion, a portion of the proceeds from her books are donated to assist abandoned and abused dogs.

She lives in Utah with her loving husband, two creative children with autism, and a pack of rambunctious dogs.

Upcoming Releases:

Cindy donates to abused and abandoned animals. See

Reader's Quote:

"Cindy's books are delightful reading because she is a master wordsmith. She also writes of places she personally knows. Unlike most of today's novels, her grammar, word use, sentence structure and descriptions are not common and would be accepted as college reading, but it's not too elevated for the average reader. Her books always give an outstanding read, in an almost-lost style. I have found them thoroughly enjoyable on many levels. The average reader will not know why they like her books, they will just like them!"

- Talma J. Day, Educator and mother of four