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Braving the Blaze

He’s a wildfire volunteer. She’s petrified of fires. Will the flames consume them or will they find a burning love?

Dean is going to become a veterinarian if it kills him. And, it just might! As a wildfire volunteer, he is assigned a beautiful, but extremely frightened, pyrophobic woman. Will she get him killed before he can graduate?

Ginger never dreamed she would be assigned as a firefighter. But the most ferocious fire Utah has ever seen has left the firefighters short-handed. She was just trying to find out what lead to a friend’s death. Now she’s a walking firestorm as disasters spark all around her... Or are they accidents?

Can Dean keep the flames of desire he feels for Ginger under control long enough to keep them and his Yellow Labrador alive?

Broken Deeds, Broken Hearts

He’s a cowboy with past regrets. She’s one of them. Will their feud continue or can they rustle up some romance?

At fifteen, Carly Sue escaped her abusive great uncle only to end up homeless and on the street. Eight years later, she is reluctantly back to oversee his estate. She’s not surprised he was murdered. She is surprised someone is trying to kill her!

Seth and his family have been feuding with Carly Sue’s family for a lifetime. That’s why he never cared to be friends with her. Now, he’s not sure what he feels. With someone out to kill her, he can’t help but protect her. Good thing he can send his Border collie over to keep watch.

Will the feud continue or can they rustle up some romance?

Caskets and Corruption

She’s a portrait artist of the dead. He’s a funeral director. Heroin in a casket sends them fleeing the drug cartel. But, can she exhume his heart?

All Lizzie wanted was a change in careers to avoid consoling bereaved families and dealing with death. She didn’t expect to steal a casket full of heroin and be running from the drug cartel and the police!

Phillip finds himself in a grave situation involving a military drug smuggling operation. Worse yet, his accomplice is a beautiful portrait artist who is breaking down all the walls he’s built around his heart. And to complicate their situation, her sister’s Chinese Crested dog is a stowaway!

Will they end up in jail, in love or six-feet under?

Hazardous Hideaway

She wants to run from her future. He wants to hide from his past. Can a vulnerable woman lasso a stubborn horse whisperer’s heart?

Dallas Mae is on the run. Fleeing for her life, she wrecks her truck and horse trailer and is stranded at a remote dairy in Utah. Worse yet, the presence of her horse stirs up memories of an old town murder, and Dallas suddenly finds herself in even greater danger!

The last thing Tom needs is a female working at the dairy. And, especially one with a horse. He definitely doesn’t want reminders of a murder he was accused of committing! When the future collides with the past, he must make a choice.

Will his antacids hold out until he can get rid of her and her horse? Or, will she lasso his heart?

Legacy of Lies

She is trying to unearth the past. He’s trying to save his dying town. Will they dig up a dangerous past or a buried passion?

Katelynn swore she would never go back to the small mining town of Comstock, Utah, where she grew up. When she receives a letter from her estranged father, she apprehensively returns. However, her father is dead and she has no idea who sent the letter. How will she ever learn the truth now?

Walt Jeffries is trying to bring new business to his dying town when Kate shows up. Is she here to strike it rich and destroy his plans? He finds himself between a rock and a hard place concerning his feeling for her and his duty to the town.

How much of the past has been lies, and how far will the townsfolk go to keep their secrets? Can they rescue Walt’s Rottweiler, learn their real legacies, and still excavate their passion?

Love on Laird Avenue

She’s ready to leave her pampered nest. He’s certain she needs protection. Will they fall in love before everything explodes?

After an overprotected life with her father, Tatum ventures out on her own. She buys a historical home in Sugar House, Utah, and everything falls apart, literally. But, it’s not just the needed home repairs troubling her. Something is going on her basement and she is terrified!

Ryan isn’t ready to run the home restoration business without his injured brother. He finds himself way over his head when he bids a job for a very attractive woman. Ryan rescues her more than once when thugs break into her home. What was he thinking when he bought a Bullmastiff puppy to protect her?

Will these two construct a lasting relationship before everything explodes?

Not Quite Zen

She’s a zany hospice aide. He’s a geriatric doctor. Can these two diagnose love amid medical mishaps?

Harmony took a much-needed Zen vacation only to return to sheer chaos at the senior community center. Old Doc Barlow has mysteriously disappeared and a new, gorgeous, young doctor has taken his place. So, why are all the patients having accidents?

Benjamin found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, he is in the witness protection plan in the state of Utah doctoring geriatric patients. He finds himself entangled with a wacky hospice aide, a bunch of crazy dogs, suspicious medical mishaps…and the bad guys are still trying to kill him!

Will the new doctor be the antidote to her anxieties? Will he diagnose a case of love?

A Merchant Street Mystery Novella Prequel: Worth the Wait

She’s dependable. He’s a dreamer. Will his romantic nature change her now or is her love worth the wait?

Adele has always been dependable. But, she’s tired of seeing to everyone else’s needs, including running the family antique store, taking care of her dad, and tending her brother’s two boys. Will she ever have the life with which she dreams?

Kipp is Hungarian, studying to be a machinist, and an idealist. Will his romantic nature help Adele view the world in a brand-new light? Will the secrets they find hidden in an antique Victorian chair in her antique shop encourage her to stop trying to please everyone else and please herself? Will her Bull terrier bring the two closer together?

(This Kindle ebook is free with the purchase of Time Will Tell ebook.)

A Merchant Street Mystery: Time Will Tell (Book 1)

An excitable woman. A sexy homeless man. A person willing to kill for a worthless clock. Only time will tell who’s in danger and who’s in love…

Holly can’t handle all the suspicious behavior centered on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City. Being volunteered to help her hoarding uncle recover after a fall at his clock shop has her frustrated. The disorder and dog have her overwhelmed. And, someone trying to steal a worthless clock has her petrified!

Zach owns two businesses on Merchant Street. He’s hardly a bum. But when the opportunity arises, he pretends he’s homeless to find out if Holly will like him for himself and not his money. Her uncle hires him to help clean out the shop, but Zach didn’t know things were about to get dangerous!

Only time will tell who’s in danger and who’s in love...

A Merchant Street Mystery: Hunted Love (Book 2)

She wants to find love. He thinks love will find him. Will their search for her missing uncle lead to love or death?

Daniela is tired of waiting for life and love to come to her in her poppa’s butcher shop on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City. Just when she’s ready to start her own life, her uncle goes missing while out deer hunting. The area is swarming with aggressive black bears…and other predators!

Buck owns his own gun shop on Merchant Street. He’s helped the police solve several cases with the help of his dogs. The Karelian Bear dog he’s training now will be essential in finding Daniela’s uncle. But does he dare work too closely with the attractive, Chilean Daniela?

Will their search lead to love or death?

A Merchant Street Mystery: Fortune for Fools (Book 3)

She discovers a treasure map hidden behind his valuable painting. Will it lead to a fortune, love or death?

Zeke runs an antique shop on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City. He bid on a collection of antiques that may contain a valuable Hayez painting. Afraid that all women are gold diggers, he’s reluctant to take the painting to Lavinia at the art gallery to have it appraised.

Lavinia is tired of proving to Zeke that she has no ulterior motives. When he brings a her a painting to authenticate, she discovers a hidden map that could lead to valuable buried coins. Will Zeke believe she’s not interested in the treasure? As they get closer to the truth, their situation gets treacherous!

Can Lavinia and her Poodle convince Zeke that fortunes are for fools and love is everlasting?