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Fatal Fossils

Her world is black and white. He believes justice should be tempered with mercy. Is love on the docket or will black market fossil thieves kill them first?

Mia is a criminal law professor and wants nothing more than to enjoy a Jurassic car tour with her little Yorkshire terrier this summer. She’s shocked to find stolen dinosaur fossils in the back of her car. Can she fight her instincts to save the fossils and their lives?

Ranger Joe likes his peaceful life as a law enforcement ranger in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. That is, until a ranger goes missing and he encounters Mia with three, stolen, priceless fossils from the park. His goal is to protect her and her dog, but she has her own sense of justice. Now, black market thieves have them fleeing and fighting for their lives!

Can he soften her fossilized heart before they both end up dead?

Fraudulent Flights

He’s suing her brother’s air courier business. Her brother has disappeared. Can she return home to solve the case without flying into love?

Skye flies home to Herriman, Utah, when she learns her family’s air courier business is being sued by her old beau. She didn’t expect to find her aunt’s house inundated with cats and dogs and dangerous strangers running the business. Where is her brother, what happened to Clay’s shipments and why is this St. Bernard following her everywhere?

Clay has been shipping with the same air courier service since he started his successful Friesian horse ranch. Now that his valuable shipments have been damaged, his whole business is at risk. On top of that, he must face Skye in order to resolve the whole mess. But are things about to take a massive nose dive?

Last Will and Lethal

His family thinks he’s guilty of murder. She believes he’s innocent. Will greed or love triumph?

Nick has been accused of killing his grandfather! Even his family thinks he is guilty. He’s reliant on a gorgeous eyewitness to save his good name and future as a doctor. Can Nick prove his innocence and keep his beautiful eyewitness alive?

Nora and her French Bulldog saw someone racing from Nick’s house. But, when she offers to give a statement to the police on Nick’s behalf, her life is suddenly in peril!

Does an inheritance normally bring out the killers in a family? Will the family’s greed destroy their chance at love?

Hawk Mountain Heist

He’s on the ski patrol. She’s terrified of being buried alive. Criminal recyclers have kidnapped her brother. Will an avalanche kill them or snowball their romance?

When Tank is jilted at the altar, he moves to Utah for a job on the ski patrol and to train a new avalanche rescue dog. He is annoyed when he’s assigned to help a pretentious, well-to-do woman find her brother instead of an official search and rescue. He never dreamt it would involve criminal recyclers, kidnapping, an avalanche and serious danger!

Livvie is terrified of being buried alive! But, it doesn’t stop her from going to the mountains during a huge snowstorm to find her missing brother. Unfortunately, she’s assigned a ski patroller who doesn’t have his heart in the search.

Will they set their distrust of each other aside long enough to rescue her brother? Will an avalanche kill them, or will their relationship snowball into love?

A Clean Romance

She’s a neat freak. He’s a slob. Will his incredibly messy house lead to love?

Kara loves vacuuming, dusting, polishing and cleaning. No, honestly. But most universities don’t offer a degree in Domestic Engineering. For now, she needs a summer job to help pay her college tuition. Going door-to-door selling cleaning products wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

Benjamin is a talented sculptor but a poor housekeeper. When his grungy English Sheepdog barrels out the door and knocks Kara down, he assumes she’s the new cleaning lady he’s hired and puts her to work.

Will his incredibly dirty house lead to love?

Christmas Spoons

He's dissatisfied after WWII. She needs to escape her horrible relatives. Can they build a life together without jobs, money or family support?

Home from the Philippines after the war, Danny’s now wishing for more than the life he used to have in his small hometown in Utah. He doesn’t want to work the family farm and satisfy his parent’s wishes. When he meets the girl of his dreams, will he stay or follow his heart?

Louise has been passed from one horrible relative after another for years. With high school graduation on the horizon, she wants to escape to Salt Lake City. But will the lack of money and her abusive uncle keep her from leaving?

When friends decide to elope to Las Vegas, Danny and Louise find themselves along for the ride. Will these two be able to build a life together even though they’re unemployed and don’t have support from their families?

Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts

Someone stole her horses. He’s the best tracker but carrying baggage. Can she get him back in the saddle and rope his heart?

Former rodeo queen Harlee Jo must fix Oak’s broken spirit if she’s ever going to get him to help rescue her stolen horses. The only trouble is, even Oak’s dog and horse can’t stand to be around him. What will it take to get him back in the saddle?

Oak can’t get his life back on track after a death in the family. When Harlee Jo comes riding in with her hopes, dreams and stolen horses, he just wants her to leave him alone.

Will he overcome his slump and find the horse thieves? Will she ever be able to rope his heart?

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Risky Seeds, Risky Hearts

She expected a calm summer. He expected his degree. His father's arrest and unbalanced books changes all that. Will he sum up danger or love?

Sadie Jean had a calm summer planned working for the Utah Forest Service in Utah. But, a deliberately set fire sends her racing on her horse up the mountain with her Border collie in tow and flames on their tail. Who set the fire and why?

Colton has given up the ranch lifestyle for a college degree in accounting. When his little brother breaks his arm and can’t help run the ranch, Colton returns home to lend a hand. He takes on a part-time job at a seed company handling their accounts but soon learns the books aren’t in order. When his father is wrongfully arrested for setting the forest fire, the crisis escalates!

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